Multi-channel view, support 100 screens simultaneously

  • KaiCong CMS is professional centralized monitoring software which supports
  • 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 64, 81 and 100 screens and has no limit of the number of users.
  • It also supports remotely view, remotely login and remotely monitor the sound.
  • The software manages all your cameras. Assign cameras for max 100 screens.
  • You can setup the most important and often-used cameras.
  • The monitoring video recorded by CMS can stored to local PC, support remotely login,
  • and remotely playback the videos.
  • Convenient to playback and perceive the problems in time.

Control the Pan & Tilt rotation

  • Rotate the camera in the CMS, control the angle and destination.
  • Cruising monitor and no blind point will be left.

One ID to login multiple platforms

  • Login via identification and avoid unauthentic usage. User ID can also login KaiCong Cloud platform,
  • seeseesee, etc. Synchronize the information and easy to manage the devices.
  • Apply one ID, you can login log in multiple platforms.

Auto upgrade online

  • KaiCong CMS owns a dependent server, test your version at the first time,
  • and auto upgrade to make sure that the software you used is the latest one.

No need to install any control

  • Open the CMS, then you can use, no need to install any control,
  • it's easy to use, and supports almost all the KaiCong security devices.