About us

Shanghai KaiCong Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.

Founded in 1993,Shanghai KaiCong Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. ,one of the pioneers of the earliest security enterprises in china,is now the leading strenth of domestic modern high-tech enterprises.


Our Products

Our main products are KaiCong full range of :

-Surveillance Cameras
Night Vision Infrared Camera
Wireless Security Cameras
IP Cameras

Video Surveillance Systems
Wireless Security Systems
CCTV Camera Systems

-Other Equipments
Video Surveillance Equipment
Digital Video Recorder
Video Multiplexer
DVR Card

Other Accessories needed in surveillance system



Our Philosophy

Our intent is to provide our clients with a peace of mind, we aim to meet their security objectives through efficient installations and exceptional after-sales service.

Our style is to advise, design, produce,supply, install, maintain as well as providing 24 hour monitoring service. We differ ourselves from our competitors, in that we are not just focus on only selling our products, we will consult you on your entire security needs as well as provide superlative service.

The business never hesitate to accept advanced concepts and talents,in order to give clients the best products,the excellent technical support and the most enthusiastic service.




Our products are widely used in the inland Revenue Department,Trade and Industry Bureau,banks, Warehouses, residential,roads,hospitals,schools, supermakets, power stations and other fields.

From small retail to large corporate ,we have the high performance security solution to meet all your needs.



Dealers / Distributors

All KaiCong' dealers have access to our extensive line of products, with exclusive dealer discounts, and exceptional service from our dedicated dealer support team.

Join our KaiCong dealer program and enjoy dealer advantaged pricing, fast delivery, priority service, and unlimited lifetime support. We make it our business to help you be successful.

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